Wednesday, May 23, 2018

General Principles

Flap Physiology

A skin flap is a piece of tissue transferred from the donor site and inserted into the recipient site while maintaining a continuous attachment...

Head and Neck

Boyd's HCL Mandibular defects classification

Mandibular Defects- Etiology, Classifications

Mandibular defects include only bony defects of the mandible after surgical excision of benign mandibular tumors or composite defects due to various etiologies mentioned below. Etiology Mandibular...


Hand and Upper Extremity

Riche-Cannieu anastomosis

Communications between the Median and Ulnar nerves

The Median and Ulnar nerves don't give any branches in the arm. In the forearm and the hand, four communications have been described between...

Trunk and Lower Extremity

Anatomy: Superficial circumflex scapular artery

Circumflex scapular artery (CSA) It is one of the terminal branches of Subscapular or Inferior scapular artery which arises from the third part of the...


Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery

Skin and Soft Tissue



Inspiration Video- 2 (Gillie’s Oration by Dr. Raja Sabhapathy- APSICON...

The Oration above is a gem, delivered by one of the stalwarts of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery in the world- Dr. S Raja...

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