10 Reasons to Guest Post at PlaRecon

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2019)

Guest posts create a win-win situation where the guest writer, the blog and the readers, all benefit. In PlaRecon, we take Guest Posts very seriously and these are the 10 reasons why quality guest posts are especially important:

1. Authentic Authoritative Articles

Plastic Surgery as a specialty is so diverse and vast that no single plastic surgeon can have authority on all its sub-specialties. At PlaRecon, greatest importance is given to the quality of its articles and only a well-experienced expert or a well-researched on a particular topic can achieve that.

PlaRecon promotes such authentic, authoritative and educative articles only, exposing them to genuine readers and spreading relevant information. Thus, your post will always be in good company and also establish your authority on the topic. Moreover, Google loves posts that have authentic information to offer.

2. Brand Awareness

You have mastered a plastic surgical skill-set, set up a clinic/website, passionately named it appropriately. Guest posting relevant authentic articles related to your skill-set will connect you with those seeking information on related topics.

PlaRecon lets you add your name, picture and a short intro with social media links [in the author’s box] under every post, thus helping build your brand.

3. SEO Advantage

Increasing number of plastic surgeons have their own web presence in the form of third-party appointment pages, websites and blogs, but, most of them are obscure. We know how much time, effort and money is required to maintain them.

In Plarecon, we work hard on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and as a result, all most all the articles appear within top ten search results in Google for related terms. We are ready to pass on the ‘link juice’ to you.

4. Learn Further

While we teach, we learn”- said Seneca, the Roman Philosopher. This is scientifically called- the ‘protégé effect’ that enables us to learn information better when we teach or intend to teach it to others, than when we learn it just for ourselves. It applies to everyone, including experts. Though many of us do get to teach at work, internet instantly magnifies the reach and is not limited by time.

So, write a post as if you are teaching it to someone. The comment’s section and social platforms provide two way interaction, and possibilities are limitless. Everybody learns, but you, the most.

5. Just Write Well, leave the rest

There are good writers and then there are Great Writers. All Great writers have one thing in common: They practiced hard to get to their masterpiece. You can write great articles only about topics that really interest you. It’s a skill that will never go waste and will definitely help write flawless manuscripts for publications and presentations and eventually books/ chapters.

While your writing skills will also ensure legitimate content, don’t bother about header images, representative images and illustrations- leave that to PlaRecon. Hence, keep practicing and keep writing at PlaRecon.

6. Social Media Advantage

In this era social networks, it’s very likely that a well-written article will be liked, shared and commented upon in social media. Apart from the exposure they provide to each article, the comments also allow you to understand different perspectives of the same subject thus adding to your knowledge base.

PlaRecon is socially integrated. In addition to all new articles being shared across its social pages, all articles in PlaRecon are open to constant edits and up-gradations based on peer reviews and feedbacks in social media or the comments section.

7. Collaboration

A community of plastic surgeons interested on a particular topic can grow around a single authoritative post, that’s the power of guest blogging. Moreover a guest blogger helps to offer a different perspective to PlaRecon.

Friendships made through healthy discussions in the virtual platform provided by PlaRecon may grow into meaningful collaboration with like-minded colleagues across the worl.

8. Novice?- That’s Great!

Are you a Plastic Surgery resident or beginner and wondering if it may be too early to post here? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. We, in PlaRecon, are eagerly looking forward to posts from budding Plastic Surgeons like you as not being an expert might work in your favour in many ways:

  • You have a fresh mind to look into the topic with a new perspective
  • You are able to explain things in ways residents and other novice can easily understand.
  • You have the enthusiasm and energy to do extensive research into a topic and its recent advances in ways many experts can’t.

As mentioned above, it will definitely help you build on your writing skills, learn/remember things by teaching them and also eventually collaborate.

9. Patient?- A warm welcome to you!

Have you undergone a Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery and wanna share your story with the world?

Your success story will not only inspire and instill courage into other fellow patients who require plastic/ reconstructive surgery but also plastic surgeons to carry on doing great work. Please feel free to share your story with us.

A healthy, constructive critical review on any aspect of the discipline of Plastic Surgery based on your experience(s) as a patient is also appreciated.

10. Increases Awareness

Lastly, but most importantly, creating awareness about the entire spectrum of Plastic Surgery has been one of the fundamental objectives at PlaRecon and we use #RealPlasticSurgery whenever appropriate, for the same.

‘Plastic Surgery’ is surely one of the most poorly-understood specialty. Many people are living with deformities and disabilities as they lack the idea that it can actually be treated and that too often very economically with simple procedures.

Guest posting allows you a chance of reaching out to the ever-growing community of internet users and informing/ educating them (including doctors) about the scope of Plastic Surgery and who knows, the right information, at the right time may transform someone’s life.

So, what are you waiting for? Just think of a topic that interests you and guest post here right away. Thank you.

10 Reasons to Guest Post at PlaRecon
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