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Contribution Guidelines

  • Your post must be related to Plastic Surgery and must fall under one of these nine categories: General Principles; Head and Neck; Breast; Hand And Upper Extremity; Trunk and Lower Extremity; Burns; Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery; Skin and Soft Tissue; and Awareness.
  • Post length with word count more than 1000 are more likely to get selected.
  • All submissions MUST BE 100% UNIQUE. We do check for this, so don’t waste time trying to post copy-paste content. Posts defaulting will be brought down at any point in time.
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  • Please go through the FAQs or contact us if in doubt.


Before you submit, are the answer to these three questions ‘Yes’?

  1. Will you post be useful to budding Plastic surgeons/ residents. Will it help them understand better- the topic you are posting on?
  2. If a layperson reaches the post through Google search, will your post help spread awareness on that topic related to Plastic Surgery?
  3. Does your post have enough visual elements (subtitles, words in bold and italics, pictures) to grab the attention of the readers skimming through it in their mobile phones.

If it is, please go ahead with the guest post below: