Who are we?

We are a bunch of young Plastic, Reconstructive and Burns surgeons from India with a grueling quest for knowledge and skill.

Our motto is simple: Seek- Sense- Share (knowledge and skill related to Plastic Surgery)!

Why do we need this Blog?

We during our Plastic Surgery residency realized that  Plastic Surgery as a field, is vast, with volumes of books written on each section or for that reason, each topic. Though there are several good books, there is no one book which deals with most of the topics comprehensively. Moreover, we also realized that Plastic Surgery is an extremely dynamic field in various aspect with recent advances replacing standard procedures altogether in a few years time and many a times standard books don’t reflect the same.

Hence, for each topic, a resident needs to do a lot of research and go through several journals and text books which are not freely available to everyone. Hence, we feel sharing information on topics on which we have done extensive research and prepared presentations for classes, may help another resident trying to do the same and the process continues.

As we said, the field is vast and hence, we are just making an attempt to start the process and hope others around the world can contribute to it too in future.

What do we post in this Blog?

We post on topics we come across on a day-to-day basis and whenever we find some time- so that it can benefit other residents in Plastic, reconstructive surgery and burns in some way or the other.

We spend a lot of time to make sure that whatever information we have provided here is authentic and up-to-date with detailed references of our source of information. We also keep revising our contents from time to time. But we urge all of you to point out any shortcoming or give suggestions so that we can improve our quality of the contents further (you can do it for each post by using the COMMENTS section where you can u can freely add images and links also).


All articles posted here is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY (to help Plastic Surgeons and especially Plastic Surgery Residents who are new to Plastic Surgery and somewhat lost and are looking for some direction).

If you still have any copyright concerns, please do contact us at info@plarecon.com and we will surely remove any objectionable content(s) within 48 hours.

Thank you,

Team PlaRecon.