Traingular, Quadrangular Spaces- ANATOMY (Parascapular)

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Parascapular triangular quadrangular spaces- Heaer- Plarecon Plastic Surgery India

Parascapular Triangular and Quadrangular Spaces

Boundaries (Posterior view)

Parascapular Triangular and Quadrangular spaces- BOUNDARIES (Posterior View)- Plarecon- Plastic Surgery
Parascapular Triangular and Quadrangular spaces- BOUNDARIES (Posterior View)

Boundaries (Anterior View)

Parascapular Spaces- Anterior view- Plarecon- Plastic Surgery
Parascapular Spaces- Anterior view and Relations

Contents in the spaces

CONTENTS- Parascapular Trianglular, Quadrangular spaces- Plarecon- plastic surgery India
CONTENTS- Parascapular Trianglular, Quadrangular spaces


  1. Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, 6Ed (2014)
Traingular, Quadrangular Spaces- ANATOMY (Parascapular)
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