5 Inspiring Plastic Surgery Videos from India- #RealPlasticSurgery

    (Last Updated On: January 17, 2019)
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    Most of us have preconceived ideas about what ‘Plastic Surgery’ is. I have shortlisted five inspiring stories of people whose lives have been transformed by Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in India. #RealPlasticSurgery

    These videos highlight a few facets of the vast, versatile and evolving field of ‘Plastic Surgery’. I will focus on the other aspects of plastic surgery in the subsequent posts. We should not forget that ‘Aesthetic/ Cosmetic Surgery’, that most people correlate Plastic Surgery with, is misunderstood many a times- as its functional and psychological aspects are totally ignored.

    So, sit back and enjoy the short (<4mins) stories, and if you like them, don’t forget to share with friends and help spread awareness.

    1. Burns reconstruction

    Here’s the story of 9-year old Ragini, who underwent reconstructive plastic surgery for burns deformity, that was featured in National Geographic.

    The estimated annual burn incidence in India is approximately 6-7 million per year, i.e. 15-20 thousand a day. Plastic surgeon apart from managing and preserving lives in major burns, play an important role in correcting deformities resulting from burns, esp. the neglected ones.

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    2. Hand replantation

    Rauf, a 22-year old man from Kozhikode, had lost all hopes when his left hand was accidentally completely cut. The severed hand was reattached (replanted) by Plastic Surgeons giving him back his functional hand.

    With the spread of microsurgery performed by Plastic Surgeons, such reconstructions are no more a miracle and is regularly (weekly in some centers) being performed all across India.

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    3. Cleft lip, palate repair

    Below is the heart-warming story of Munmun who lived in oblivion till a life transforming plastic surgical repair for cleft lip brought back smiles in her life.

    Every year, more than 35,000 children are born with cleft in India. Many of then have difficulty in breathing, feeding, and speaking. They face a life of shame, isolation and never attend school. There are other rarer cranio-facial birth deformities which are worse. Plastic Surgeons provide functional and aesthetic repairs for such deformities.

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    • Stories of 7-year old Nisha and Vikas with cleft. (360o videos)

    4. Hand Transplant 

    30-year old Manu from Kerala made history in January 2015 by becoming India’s first bilateral hand transplant recipient. He had lost both his hands in a train accident when he was pushed out of a running train by antisocial elements.

    He received the hands from 26-year old Binoy Oliparambil (who was brain dead after a bike accident), whose father Uttaman convinced his family to donate his hands, saying that being paralysed for 17 years himself, he knew what it felt like to be disabled.

    Since then, more than 6 bilateral hand transplants have been successfully performed by Plastic Surgeons of few centers in India and more than 400 amputees from India and abroad are waiting for donor hands. Pledge to donate organs including hands!

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    5. Facial Reconstruction

    Lastly, Mr. Mohd Jumaah Alwi from Middle East whose traumatic facial deformity by a machine was so complex that he had to travel all the way to India for reconstruction. He had lost a part of right cheek, mouth and almost three-fourth of his nose, which were reconstructed by Plastic Surgeons in India.

    Similarly, for head and neck cancers and other soft tissue tumors, after the tumor mass is cut and removed, the complex defects is reconstructed by plastic and microsurgical techniques.

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    DISCLAIMER: PlaRecon doesn’t endorse any hospital/ doctor that may be mentioned in the videos above and has received no benefits from the same. The videos were selected purely based on their relevant Plastic Surgical content and quality.

    5 Inspiring Plastic Surgery Videos from India- #RealPlasticSurgery
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